Friday, 12 February 2010

Lands of the cold and the wild but warm hearted

Archh, How ye doin? I've hit the Scottish lands and oh there so much juicer than the somewhat deprived and less willing English folk. Last night was amazing, Eddie from across the way at Jess Fitzpatricks house in Glasgow was my superhero.

I love it when you really want something and you put the good vibes out there, the higher being produces nothing but goodness and presents you with what you need at the right time. In my language I call it the GRooVE! Its all happening I tell you.

Eddie the man pulls out his mig welder and we start reconstructing the panner rack system, fixing a crack in the exhaust and a bigger piece of steel on the base of the side stand on the motorbike, the previous job on the rack system literally fell apart. Eddies magic is a solid piece of work now and for the trip it is about to endure I reckon it'll do the Job! On Ya Eddie, your true blue mate!

And as for dropping by Glasgow and staying with a bunch of art students, well.... Ill show the results of that soon.

I have now bought my ferry ticket from Newcastle to Amsterdam for the 22nd of Feb, once im over the English Channel Im truly off. But first some beautiful friends and the highlands to visit. Saturday consists of a true Scottish ceilidh, time to get the Kilt out in the cold and have good times (after a whisky or few)!


  1. I think while you are getting ready to leave you should write a how to manual for twits like me

  2. Hey Mardy - go man go! Fantastic. I look forward to reading where you are at. I am following you but privately. Look forward to more posts. Love Rosie