Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Feeling fine just like a nice hot cup of dandelion

Ohh right, wooo yeah!!!

The news as it is, I got the wretched plaster off yesterday as this nutcase of a male Italian nurse came at me with a squealing grinder, he must have done it a million times cause he just didn't give a shiat. Pretty scary, so the clamps came out, ripped the plaster off and down to radiology to get another xray to check all the bits of bone are in the right place. I was expecting my leg and especially my foot to be much more stinker than it was, the amount of dead skin on my skinny leg, full of black hairs was very appealing, it made me hungry! So a very nice nurse who'd remembered me from last time, took Gianny away to sort out the paper work, she was so kind that she asked Gianny of my economic situation and only made me pay for the xray. Very kind and compassionate woman.

I had the xray and once again they covered my balls with a lead mat so I can still have babies some day, then I waited around and saw another orthopedic doctor who looked at the xray for two seconds and then explained in Italian to Gianny what was to happen. He said not to put wait on it for another two weeks, then get a splint cast and slowly start to walk on it on the third week from now.....this man had no time for anyone, it was all about routine, Id had enough, I wasn't feeling the vibes, I dont agree with these western ways of medicine. I've already been walking on my foot with the plaster on, the sole of it was like material by the time they took it off. Chantal was teaching me about the chinese ways of healing bones and they encourage you to walk on it from early days and put herbs on it and they change the cast every 3 to 4 days. Its very different to the western ways. So from the xray you can still the fracture quite clearly, it is mending but I still need to treat it very delicately. Im going to do what I feel is best but be gentle with it at the same time.

Im keen to hit the road, I got my rear wheel back, the lads at the Honda shop bent it back into shape, filled in the dent, replaced the inner-tube, and tyre and the bearings and balanced it all for 90 euros. Not too bad at all. My Karma has been quite good lately. So Ive given my bike a good make over now, I've cleaned her all up, oil change and regular maintenance stuff and the only issue is two links in the chain are really stiffening up. I tried to loosen them up but when you take of in low gears and when the dragonfly is under tension she make a clonking noise. Ill just keep working at loosening them up.

I went for a wee ride today, first time since the accident and many mixed feelings were flowing trough me. Both a little fearful and sensitive but also pretty excited to get back on the road. I took a bottle of wine to my savior who took me to the ospitale the morning of the accident, saying "grazie mille" which is "thanks a thousand". So tomorrow Im planning to leave Gianny and Miskey and this beautiful place in Paradisso to make it to venice where Ill meet up with Jess who I stayed with in France. Its going to be fantastic to have the company and to share the good times with but it will also be great to have Jess there if my ankle does something its not meant too. Im glad I bought my motorbike boots of ebay now, they really hold my foot in a very good stable position, so as long as I take it "Shanty Shanty" slowly slowly then I shouldn't put much strain on it at all.

To the very beautiful Gianny and Miskey who have been here for me in this time of healing, I cant thank you both enough, you are both far to kind and your good Karma will come around, "for every action, there is a reaction" one of Gianny most recited quotes in an Indian accent as well as very best! Its been fantastic to stay with you both and share this time with you, although I bet you'd both wished Id just piss off somewhere else sometimes. Through the good times and the not so easy, all round I have learned so much from you both and about myself. It really has been a great experience breaking my leg (who'd ever say that in their lives?). It has been quite an Ironic experience also as I first came to Paradisso to help out on the farm, but it flipped right around the other way and Gianny and Miskey ended up looking after me. I have many great memories that will stay with me forever, and I really enjoyed watching Spring unfold and the forests come to life too. I had many great days of observing life's beauty and much learning and reflecting from all the valuable lessons and great conversations we shared. And opening my mind to the world of amazing cinema works, we got well into Tony Gatlif movies. Fantastic! Thank God you both speak english. I cant thank you enough for helping me out in every way possible, your hearts are as wide as the worlds! So grazie mille to you both on every level. Im going to miss you both but you will always be with me.

Oh and I finished Shantaram, cheers for that Robin, your a legend, and yes it continues on its own journey now as I have already passed it on already! What an incredible book. Fantastic read if someone keen for an epic and crazy adventure!

So shanty shanty, ill be heading up to Venice tomorrow and then head across the Balkan countries towards Turkey and into the east. Ill try put up posts when possible. But as they say "no news is good news"!


  1. Good luck kiddo - I think you are being foolishly brave but also know you will be just fine! Love Rosie

  2. Work Marty! Glad to see you're back on ur adventure. Love reading the new blogs xx Patty

  3. Wow mate, talk about harnessing the powers of adventure, glad you are back on your bike old chap, love prayers and blessings to you!