Monday, 28 June 2010

The adventures are getting a little crazy in the Middle East

So Im in Tehran Now after a fantastic adventure through Southern, central and Eastern Turkey which was amazing. Turkey is a fantastic country full of so many beautiful places and people. So many stories to share but now things have got a wee bit twisted in Tehran as I cant obtain a Pakistan Visa to get across into India. The Pakistanies are being more than unwilling to help, ive tried and tried and its a no go. So soon after I gave up I was trying to find the place to upgrade my transit visa to stay in the ever exciting and crazy Iran for a month longer till I worked out a plan, but then some beautiful Spanish people traveling in a big old 4WD truck came into my life at exactly the right time. They have just arrived from Africa catching the ferry from Dubai to Iran and are heading up to the Stan's. Im going to join them, its going to get a little hairy and scary but its all going to be worth the adventure. Im feeling it on this one, Ill try keep you posted but the tinternet is becoming harder and harder to come by. Ill be in Tehran for a couple more days maybe while we sort out visas. Then who knows whats going to happen????


  1. A gift for Marty and his friends...

    This is what I feel is Marty’s philosophy... Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice a bird’s song, a buzzing bee, the small child experiencing life, and the smiling faces of random strangers. Feel the rain, and hear the wind (from Mr. Dragonfly). Live your life to your fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

    Marty’s fighting to realise and live these dreams and here is a rhyme to display how he’s doing this through his quest of a lifetime...

    So here’s the plan for the quest of a lifetime,
    Filled with memories, friendships and of course lots of grime...
    Riding a motorbike named dragonfly across the world is no easy feat,
    Especially when riding day after day on Mr Dragonfly’s seat!

    Mr Marty planned to travel 30 000 miles from the UK to Australia,
    All this achieved by his 25th birthday- there’s no way he’d be a failure!
    He’s done lots of planning on how to get across many a channel and border,
    And now he’s off on his journey and through his blog, he’ll be a recorder...

    Mr Marty and the dragonfly are certainly full of love and stamina,
    Across England they travelled, Marty forever the examiner.
    They visited many relatives and friends before setting off with lungs of laughter,
    The seriousness of the adventure would surface not long thereafter!

    They crossed the countryside from London to Scotland,
    This beautiful country which contained a ceilidh of highland!
    And so in the spirit, Marty popped on his tartan kilt,
    Kilt: please don’t fall (fingers crossed that kilt’s well built)!

    From Scotland, the trip took Marty and Dragonfly to Holland,
    For Anne Frank and the red-light district of Amsterdam this is their homeland.
    Then onto Germany with delicious beer and many big, fat sausages,
    It was then time to move the adventure on and to cross a few bridges.

    The next stop was Belgium, a culture of beauty and home of good friend; Maximillion.
    One of two Belgian brothers with the spirit of a hyperactive Crocodilian!
    The Belgian experience also included sister Mon, the beach and brother Fabian,
    Enough laughs and stories were shared to fill a Pisa-sized gabion!

    After a visit to Luxembourg, Marty fell in love with the sexiness of France,
    He felt the language and people made it a place of romance!
    Witnessing the gorgeous cascades and peacefulness of the open forest,
    Dragonfly and Marty are certainly determined for this conquest!

    Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovenia,
    Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia!
    Wow- enough adventures to fill one’s mind,
    The team of Marty and Dragonfly- they’re one of a kind!

    The highlight’s of this part of the trip included the leaning tower,
    Which just after a visit to is where the trip turned a little sour!
    Poor little Marty and Dragonfly rode through a heavy bit of rain,
    Which resulted in a bit of damage- much more than a sprain!

    Little Marty was hoping for a very good outcome,
    Although a broken foot was the news to which he had to succumb.
    The language barrier meant he momentarily stole a wheelchair,
    To get to the medical centre so for his ankle he could care.

    So six weeks of rest with Gianny and Misky in their Italian house,
    Despite the pain from his foot, this turned out to be grouse!
    Being cared for by a beautiful family who took Marty in for sometime,
    Meant he was able to write his blog, fix Dragonfly and get a bit of peacetime.

    Photos from Albania demonstrate it was exciting and rewarding,
    Filled with great company and friendship, it was merrymaking!
    Then onto Greece with many a gorgeous hot spring,
    Relaxing and exploring- this place was fit for a king!

    So far the journey has been filled with lots of adventures and leisure,
    Sharing this journey with you was for me a great pleasure...
    Stay tuned for a few more rhymes after the team hit the Middle East and Iran,
    Despite Visa and money issues, I’m sure of positive vibes from Pakistan!

    Written by Patricia Convey 30/06/10

  2. Thats great patty. Brilliant!!!

    lovin it!!!

  3. Dear Marty, I mersin / turkey had described the route (xt660r).
    edyor now continue the journey I suppose.
    I congratulate the courage Waiting ederim.gezi reports.
    Greetings ....