Friday, 19 March 2010

Belgiumese Peas

I love Belgium alot not just because of their peas, but probably due to some very beautiful people I know. I left the amazing Amsterdam in search for Antwerp where Max1million is studying at uni. Here we had many a great partys with max the party king and his flat mate from Uni. Some real good times drinking and eating such amazing foods. MMM mmm MMMM mmmm MMMMMMMMMM!!!

On the weekend we spent some good times with Monica and Farbio and Max at Max's grandparents beach house. Late night bike rides on the beach, playing poker and winning most of the time (Ha ha), cooking up a Barbie and walking through glass doors, what a treat that was. It was so good to see ye all again and have such nice times together by the beach at Oostduinkerke-Bad.

Monica, Farbio and Max blissfully enjoying the cool breeze

Max and me dune jumping

Saying last goodbye's for now to Monica and Farbio the groove master, we went to Bovesse to have a special meal at Vivian and Francis's house with Max and Caroline, was so nice to visit you all again and eat such delicious food and wine. Vivian is such an amazing cook.

Another odd thing besides Belgimese peas is that they breed this ridiculously large cow called the "Belgium Blue" Now looking at this cow its more like a cross between a cow and a rhino, Its massive and besides all the muscle it has, it is infact too muscly to give birth by its self, these cows need a cesarian every time they produce a calf. Crazy high maintenance cows, and they have such large heads. Check out the slab of corn beef you'd get off this beauty!!!

Belgiums got the Blues, keep eating you heiferlump!!!

We travelled back to Antwerp where I left my motorbike and chilled alot, sleeping in and reading and checking out the city. Took Max for a ride into the Havens (Big Ports) and taught him how to ride a motorbike. Max did real well and enjoyed it immensely.

I had one more day at Bovesse as I headed south towards Luxembourg. I did a wee bit of work for them and got painting on the dragonfly again, eating very delicious foods and spending some beautiful time with Vivian and Francis, such a beautiful couple full of so much love. Had a great ride with Vivian too through the back country lanes. Thankyou all, I had a real nice time in Belgium once again.


  1. Was a freakin' honour to have yyou and the dragonfly as our first official well dude, you rock.

  2. I forgot to gave you some of our "precious belgian peas that we are soooo good to make them grow" for you way back home. Take care...
    Maximilien Ginypig