Friday, 19 March 2010

Luxembourg... Bank your terd!!!

Luxembourg is a pretty nice place, after traveling through the flat as a tack Netherlands, North Germany and Belguim, it was real nice to find some mountains and some beautiful forests about. I love deciduous forests in the winter time, all the trees are striped naked, all the leaves are on the ground and it has a real nice ambience about it.

The Nude forests

Luxembourg was my first true experience of Couch Surfing and it was awesome. I stayed with Julie in this amazing amazing mansion of a place, it was so big and real warm. Two nights of luxury. Luxembourg is definitely a place with much dough. Its well famous for banks to set themselves up there as you can make massive transactions into banks without them needing to know where the money has come from. So I gather alot of dodgy business goes on too. The actual city Luxembourg in Luxembourg is pretty nice and has a massive gorge and a creek running below and of course a big bank sitting above.

We had some nice adventures on the dragonfly and I took off through some of the forest tracks to get used to being off road and slipping round in the mud. Was good fun and found a real weird outside church where an alter was in a small cave in the large boulder. It must have been like a secret practicing place of some sort.

The outside church hiding in the forest

So yeah big night out in the town on the first night and slowly recovering over the next day. Thanks for all your kindness and that packed lunch you gave me, it lasted a couple of days, cheers Julie.

Julie at the castle getting ready for those smooth and exciting windy roads again.

And check out my new handle bar covers, they keep my hands from freezing over. Another genius recyclable idea from Mr Marty.


  1. Great hand warmers. So much cheaper than electric gloves. Love Rosie

  2. You got that right Rosie, they work a treat. 100% recycled materials! I just need to paint them now.

  3. Great to hear your stories! Keep up the good work sir! Love fia